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Introduction Amazing StereoCards
The most exciting stereoviewer you have ever seen!
Exciting New Product!
StereoCards are a complete new product based on the success of our Classic Amazing Cards. Each card carries a (offset printed) stereo-image, interesting information and on the back a full size print of the image in question.
Move your mouse over the image below to see!

Viewers are different from our Classic Amazing Cards and have no stereo-image inside. You can insert the StereoCard between the yellow lines into the Viewer and then see the image in full Stereo 3D!
Squeeze the Viewer to focus as usual.

With one Stereoviewer you can see the 3d images of all Stereocards in our collection!
Now your customer can buy a stereo-image for the price of a regular postcard.

This new product is especially interesting for museums because there is much space to customize. StereoCards are size 10 x 14 cm and packed per 25 cards per design. For a complete survey of all available designs please see menubar on the left.

At this moment we offer a counter display holding 4 pockets of 6 Viewers and 12 pockets of 25 StereoCards.
At a later stage we are planning a floordisplay. Giftboxes have no display.

StereoCards can be easily inserted between the yellow lines of the Viewer. Squeeze the Viewer to focus and see the stereo-image.

StereoBoxes make nice gifts and contain one Viewer and 6 different StereoCards of a subject. We start with Escher and Van Gogh. More boxes to be published soon!

If you are interested to distribute The Amazing StereoCards in your country please check our Distributors page and contact Hans Dehe
at Courtesy Graphics.
The most exciting stereoviewer you have ever seen!
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