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Courtesy Graphics is a dutch Greeting Card publisher with some very original and surprising products like Jigsaw Cards and Stereo 3d Cards.
A short survey of each section you will find below.

New management
for all products of
The Amazing Card and
Jigsaw Cards!

Jigsaw Cards
Jigsaw Greetingcards are fun to send and fun to receive. Write your message on the back of the Jigsaw Card, break the pieces apart, put them in the envelope and send it away as a regular letter (weight under 20 grams). The receiver must put the pieces together before he/she can read the message. Fun for two!

The Amazing Card
This is the most spectacular card you have ever seen! You can sent it like an ordinary greeting card, unfold it and it becomes a 3D viewer! The Amazing Card gives fantastic three-dimensional images of the highest standard.
Follow this link and you will get all the information you need about this outstanding new product.

From the first of october all sales and development activities regarding The Amazing Card and Jigsaw Cards have been ended by The Fountaineers and are continued by Jaap Boon of The Amazing Card. For all information please see contact details at the bottom of this page.

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